The Morocco Pro-Am Format is a TEAM Event using a one (1) best ball gross score added to a one (1) best ball net score per hole. The team may not use the same ball for both scores. The two best scores from the 4 person team playing off 80% of their handicaps to a maximum for men of 24 strokes and 24 strokes for women will be utilized per hole to determine the hole by hole best net ball score. The total number of strokes per hole over 18 holes will be considered the team score for that round of golf.

The event consists of 3 tournament rounds played over three golf courses. USGA and RCGA rules of golf apply.

All amateur players need to provide a valid handicap card or GHIN # prior to the beginning to the event. Any amateur that cannot provide a valid handicap card or GHIN # will have to play off scratch. A Tournament Committee consisting of 4 participating golf professionals will decide on any rules issues during the event and their decision will be considered final.

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